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Providing peace of mind and support for Connecticut

CT Paid Leave Is About People

People who are no longer forced to choose between their own healing or putting food on their table, and being a caregiver for their loved ones or paying the electric bill.

CT Paid Leave Is About Workplaces

Workplaces that are strengthened by the ability of employers of all sizes to give workers access to paid leave, helping with both recruitment and retention and making their organizations more competitive.

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All data as of December 2022

Man and woman sitting with their baby

It’s a relief when you help your partner out.

- Alvin
Woman sitting on a couch holding her dog

You should not have to worry about money when you're worrying about your health.

- Paula
Woman playing with children on swings

Our experience with Connecticut Paid Leave was great.

- Stephanie
Husband and wife with their two school aged sons

As soon as we found out that Connecticut Paid Leave was going to be taking over... it was just a really big relief.

- Bonnie

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CT Paid Leave News and Updates

CT Laws Provide Supports for Victims of Domestic Violence
02 October 2023

Connecticut laws, including paid leave, provide necessary supports for victims of domestic violence

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Poll finds paid family and medical leave top reason for returning to work
20 September 2023

 New polling by Bipartisan Policy Center finds paid family and medical leave one of the top 3 reasons for returning to work

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Paid Leave Authority Partners with Local Libraries on Education Campaign
06 September 2023
Man conducting a seminar in a library

In person and virtual events provide residents with assistance applying for paid leave

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July 11th, 2023

CT Paid Leave Authority Issues Annual Report

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September 25, 2023

The Paid Leave Podcast: An Addict's Story from Near Death to a Sober Life and Gratitude for It All

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September 9, 2023

The Paid Leave Podcast: The Rocky Road to Addiction Recovery

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