Online Portal Contribution Process

Most employers and all sole proprietors and self-employed individuals will use the online portal to remit contributions. Third-party administrators and employers have the option to use the online portal process or the batch process.

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How to File and Pay CT Paid Leave Contributions Using the Online Portal


Select reporting year and quarter

The quarter for which the wages were paid should be used in determining the reporting quarter. For example, if your pay period started in Q1 but ended in Q2, these wages would be reported as Q2 Wages. Select the year and quarter that represents the 3-month reporting period covered by the contribution. If remitting for more than three months, you must divide the contribution into multiple 3-month quarterly contributions.
Select reporting year and quarter

Review your return filings for the selected quarter and year

Confirm the selected quarter and year. Verify that you do not have any previous open returns. Review the return filings previously submitted for the selected reporting period.

Calculate your contribution

You will be asked to enter whether you have subject earnings to report, whether contributions are for the full quarter, the pay period or revenue period, and the number of workers included in the contribution and subject earnings

The contribution amount due will be calculated based on the information entered. You have the ability to enter a different contribution amount due to rounding if needed.

Non-compliant accounts

An account is not compliant when wage reports and contributions are not submitted at all or are submitted after the last day of the month following the end of the calendar quarter.

For example, Quarter 1 contributions will be considered compliant as long as they are received no later than April 30th.

If the quarter being remitted was identified as being non-complaint, penalty and interest owed will be reflected when reporting your subject earnings. The total amount due will automatically include the penalty and interest owed. You may pay:

  • Total amount due
  • Contribution amount only; or
  • Any amount between the contribution amount and total amount due

Contributions are applied to your total amount due in the following order:

  1. Penalty
  2. Interest
  3. Contribution Amount

If you do not pay the total amount due, there will be a remaining balance on the contribution amount after payment is applied. The remaining contribution amount will continue to accumulate interest until paid in full. A link to pay the remaining overdue amount will be available in My Account and will be sent to your email for payment.

Provide supporting documentation

You will be asked to enter the total CT Gross Wages for the pay period or income/revenue period specified and how many workers are included in the CT gross wages.

Remit contribution payment and receive confirmation

Add or Select Payment Method
The first time you make a contribution payment, you will need to set up a new credit card or bank account payment method. You may choose to save this payment information as your default payment method.

Click on the Process button to submit the payment. Once a transaction is submitted, you will receive a confirmation pop-up indicating that the payment was submitted. After closing the pop-up, a Payment Summary will be displayed. Note that this does not guarantee that the payment (especially a bank payment) won’t fail later on. You will also receive an email confirmation of the submission.

View invoice and transaction history 

Under the Account Info tab in the business for which you just submitted a payment, you will see a Filing History. The invoice name, amount, filing period start and end dates, and processed date will appear here.

We are finding that it may take 5-10 business days before ACH Debit payments clear with our bank and then completes posting to My Account. Check back periodically to view payments in My Account. Once the funds have fully cleared, the transactions will be marked as completed.

View non-complaint reporting quarters and unreported pay periods

The Outstanding Item section on the My Account for Business page consists of two sections of information that pertain to the disposition of payments made to the CT Paid Leave Authority. More specifically, these sections include the Non-Compliant Reporting Quarter section and the Unreported Pay Period section.

The Non-Compliant Reporting Quarters section indicates that based on our records, either you did not complete your contribution obligation, or you have indicated that you paid only a portion of the total funds owed. The icon to the right of each outstanding balance will assist you in the appropriate action needed on each item.

  • If we have applied your contribution payment and there is a remaining balance on the contribution amount after payment is applied, click the link to pay the remaining overdue amount.
  • If you did not submit your wage reporting or remittance of contributions, please click the File & Pay button to remit your past due contribution obligation. When you submit your quarterly filing, you will be prompted to pay any past due penalty and interest for the submission. If the CT Paid Leave Authority has allocated your payment or if you reported $0.00 after the CT Paid Leave Authority created the notice, you will see a “Pay Now” button to pay off the remaining amount due.

*Any past due contribution amounts will continue to accumulate interest until paid in full.

The Unreported Pay Period section lists any pay periods that are currently unpaid and unreported within your wage reporting to the CT Paid Leave Authority. If you have already reported the complete wages and contributions, please report $0 for the unreported pay periods by clicking FILE + PAY.

*Unreported periods could reflect you have failed to report the entire quarter and could have missed reporting contributions to the CT Paid Leave Authority and future penalty, or interest could apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. To remit payment to CT Paid Leave, individual employers will utilize the online payment portal.  Employers should remit all CT Paid Leave contributions for the quarter no later than the last day of the month following the quarter end (for example, by 4/30, 7/31, 10/31, and 1/31).  Once logged into My Account at, the employer will specify the pay period being reported, enter the total subject earnings for the applicable period, and then enter the method of payment for the calculated contribution.  If an employer can create a CSV file, then the file information can be used as supporting detail information that the employer should keep with its quarterly records.  A secure FTP batch process for individual employer file submissions (XML or CSV) is not supported at this time.  If an employer is supported by a third-party administrator (TPA), the TPA can file on behalf of its clients following the process and technical specifications as outlined here.
In order to verify compliance, log into My Account and verify that your Filing History includes both an invoice in COMPLETED status and a payment in COMPLETED status for the relevant quarter. If either the invoice or the payment do not show as being in COMPLETED status, please make corrections as needed and resubmit.
Underpayments due to underreporting of wages should be submitted by the employer, as soon as possible, preferably in the same quarter. Contributions need to match one-half of one percent (0.5%) of the total reported wages. 

Remit a new payment to report the missing total wages for the pay period in which you have already reported. Once the missing wages have been reported, our system will calculate the additional 0.5% contribution payment that is now due. Please complete the steps to remit and apply the new additional contribution payment to your account. 

You may also refile the entire quarter that you have underreported. To follow this path, you will need to remit a new contribution payment including ALL total wages reported for the pay period that you are reporting, including what was previously reported to us, and remit the full 0.5% contribution payment at that time. Once that new payment has processed successfully in our system, you may request a refund of your original contribution amount. 
Overpayments cannot be applied to a future pay period and cannot be cancelled. In general, requests for refunds are reviewed, and if approved, will be processed within approximately 30 days from the date the request for refund was initiated. 

If you discover you have made a duplicate payment to CT Paid Leave, please submit a Contact Us inquiry and select "Help with Payments" or "Employer Refund Request" from the drop-down menu as the reason for the request. In the body of your inquiry, please provide the duplicate Invoice numbers and amounts of each invoice.

Duplicate payments cannot be applied to a future payment date and cannot be cancelled. In general, requests for refunds are reviewed, and if approved, will be processed within approximately 30 days from the date the request for refund was initiated.

Refund requests

Submit a Contact Us inquiry, select “Employer Refund Request” as the contact reason and provide your business name, FEIN, contribution quarter and contribution amount that you are requesting a refund for.