Aflac is the third-party claims administrator selected by CT Paid Leave. If you have already submitted a claim, you can check on the status or make updates in the CT Paid Leave Aflac online portal.

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To start or view your claim, sign in and select Aflac Portal from the drop-down menu under your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Before You File a Claim

Make sure you have a qualifying reason and check your coverage and eligibility.


Remember CT Paid Leave is not the same thing as FMLA. Be sure to apply directly to your employer for job protected leave under FMLA.

Claim Application Timeline

It is important to understand the timeline and the things you need to do before, during and after filing your claim application.

When should you apply?

You should start your application 30 days before the first date of leave if the event is foreseeable, and as soon as practicable if the leave is not foreseeable.

  • Worker starts their application at or by calling Aflac at (877)499-8606

  • Worker receives notice with documents required to support claim

  • Worker returns documents to Aflac by due date provided

  • Aflac issues decision after all documents are received; usually about 5 business days

Required Documents

As a worker filing a claim, you are responsible for providing the following documentation:

Identity Verification

Provide your identity verification documents directly to Aflac by uploading them into your claim through the CT Paid Leave Aflac online portal.

Employment Verification

The Employment Verification Form is included in your Notice of Application and has your
case number and name pre-filled. It must be completed by your employer.

Supporting Leave Documents

Specific documents will be required based on your leave reason. These will be pre-filled with your case number and name.

How Are Claims Processed ?

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Determination of coverage and eligibility

Review of claim information and supporting documentation.

Please Note: It is essential that the required forms/documentation to support your claim are submitted by the due date specified by Aflac in your Notice of Application. If not, your claim cannot be processed and may be denied. If you need more time, contact Aflac for an extension of time.

Decision is made. If approved, benefits are calculated. If denied, Notice of Denial is issued.

Frequently Asked Questions

From your first date of leave, you may receive to up to 12 weeks of income replacement benefits during the course of a rolling 12-month period for most leave reasons.

You may submit more than one claim during this 12-month period, so long as your total benefits do not exceed 12 weeks (NOTE: 12 days of the 12 weeks may be used for family violence leave).

If you will receive short-term disability through your employer, it is important that you check with your employer to understand the terms of the short-term disability policy and how it will interact with your CT Paid Leave benefits. If you have a long-term disability policy, be sure to ask these same questions.

You should ask if the short-term disability policy has language that:

  • requires you to apply to CT Paid Leave for benefits and/or 
  • reduces the short-term disability benefits by the amount of money you receive from CT Paid Leave if you are approved.

Short-term disability policies are private contracts between employers and their insurance companies, so any questions about this should be directed to your employer or insurer.

If your claim is denied, you may file a reconsideration request or an appeal with the CT Department of Labor.