I Need To Care For A Family Member

CT Paid Leave is here to help you while you help care for your family.

Parents next to their daughter in a hospital bed

Caregiver Leave

Caregiver leave can be taken to provide physical or psychological care or psychological comfort and reassurance for a family member experiencing a serious health condition.

What is a Serious Health Condition?

Who is Considered a Family Member?

  • child
  • spouse
  • sibling
  • parent
  • grandparent
  • grandchild 
  • individual related by blood or affinity whose close association the employee shows to be the equivalent of those family relationships

What is "Relationship by Affinity?"

"Relationship by affinity" refers to an individual whose close association the worker shows to be the equivalent of one of the family relationships listed above regardless of biological or legal relationship.
  • This determination is situation specific and governed by the circumstances of the individuals involved.

Examples of Relationship by Affinity


A friend of the family in whose home the worker lived while they were in high school and whom the worker therefore considers to be family, despite the lack of a biological or legal relationship

Middle aged woman talking to elderly female neighbor


An elderly neighbor to whom the worker has provided unpaid caregiving assistance and whom the worker considers to be like a grandmother

Middle-aged father with arm around young adult man

Extended Family Member

An aunt or uncle who relies on the worker for unpaid care and has maintained a strong and enduring relationship with the worker as typically seen between individuals and their parents, grandparents, or siblings

Man with his arm around a young boy

Parent-like Relationship

A child of a worker’s former partner who lived with the worker for several years and maintains a parent-like relationship with the worker

Female couple holding newborn baby

Spouse-like Relationship

An unmarried, significant other of the worker with whom the worker maintains a familial, spouse-like relationship, despite their lack of legal relationship to each other

Two smiling middle-aged women with their heads tilted toward each other

Long-term Companion

A person with whom the worker lived for several years, sharing financial responsibilities of the household and one another’s common welfare, and whom the worker considers to be family, despite not sharing a romantic, legal, or blood relationship

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, a worker may apply for benefits for caregiver leave to care for a family member residing outside of the United States. As with all claims for caregiver leave benefits, the worker will be required to have the family member's healthcare provider complete a Medical Certification form providing information about the family member's serious health condition.