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Covered employers in Connecticut play a vital role in helping workers access income replacement benefits while they take qualifying leave.

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What is my Role as an Employer in CT Paid Leave?

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Most employers with 1 or more employees in Connecticut are covered employers under CT Paid Leave.

Coverage and eligibility

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Every covered employer must register with the CT Paid Leave Authority. Registration is required by the employer even if you use a third-party administrator or payroll provider who enrolled your business or organization as part of their batch enrollment process.

Registration is also required if you anticipate applying for a private plan to fulfill your obligations under the CT Paid Leave statute.


The funding to support CT Paid Leave comes from employee payroll deductions; there is no employer match. These payroll deductions are capped at 0.5% on earnings up to the Social Security contribution limit.

Notify your employees that they should expect their paychecks to reflect these withholdings.


Employers must remit the deductions to the CT Paid Leave Authority quarterly. Failure to remit timely contributions may result in interest and penalties.


Communicate with your workers

Employers are required by law to provide the Notice of Employee Rights Under CT FMLA and CT Paid Leave upon initial hire and annually thereafter.

Notice of Employee Rights

Communicate with the CT Paid Leave Authority

Employers must also communicate with CT Paid Leave to verify their workers' employment status and benefits when a worker applies for CT Paid Leave.

Employment Verification Form (English) Employment Verification Form (Spanish)

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