Private Plans

If you would like to offer your employees a private paid family and medical leave plan instead of the CT Paid Leave public plan, there are certain steps you must take before your plan can be approved.

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About Private Plans

The Connecticut Paid Family and Medical Leave Act applies to all covered employers with one or more employees. Employers may apply to offer a private plan to all employees for paid leave coverage if it provides the same or better benefits than the state program. The CT Paid Leave Authority must approve the private plan before it can become effective.  Although employers may apply for a private plan, individual employees are not permitted to opt-out of the CT Paid Leave program.

The money collected for a private plan does not go into the state's Trust Fund. The contributions go to an account or accounts established by the employer and can only be used by the employer to administer that private plan.

Top Five Things Employees Should Know About Private Plans

Minimum Requirements for Approval

  •   It must offer the same or better benefits as the public plan
    • A short-term disability policy will not qualify
  •   It cannot cost employees more than the public plan
  •   It must cover all employees working for the employer in Connecticut
  •   It must be approved by a majority vote of the employees working in Connecticut

Types of Private Plans

Fully-insured Policy

A paid family and medical leave insurance policy approved by the Connecticut Insurance Department (CID)

Self-insured Plan and Surety Bond

A self-insured plan approved by the CT Paid Leave Authority and a surety bond in the form approved by the CT Paid Leave Authority

Differences Between Private Plan Types

Deadline to Apply

  • The CT Paid Leave Authority accepts applications on a rolling basis.
  • Applications must be approved no later than 30 calendar days before the end of the quarter prior to the quarter in which the approval takes effect.
    • For example, in order for a plan to be approved to take effect on July 1, the plan has to be approved prior to June 1.
  • Contributions continue to be owed to the Authority until the plan takes effect.

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