The funding to provide CT Paid Leave benefits comes from employee contributions.  It’s a small contribution for big peace of mind. 

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How do CT Paid Leave Contributions Work?

Employers deduct 0.5% from an employee's pay. Employers remit these contributions to the CT Paid Leave Authority, where they are pooled into a trust from which benefit payments are made.  Example: If you earn $1,000 per week, your contribution to CT Paid Leave is $5 per week.

Is There a Cap on Contributions?

Employees contribute until they reach the Social Security contribution limit. If an employee works for more than one employer, each employer will be required to continue remitting the contributions until the employee reaches the Social Security contribution limit with that employer. If this process results in an overpayment of contributions, the employee may apply to the CT Paid Leave Authority for a refund of the overpayment.

If you believe that you over contributed last year, please submit your refund request using our Contact Us form. When filling out the form, select “Employee Overpayment Reimbursement” as the contact reason. Overpayment reimbursements can only be processed with proof of year-end earnings; therefore, we cannot process for the current year.

Can I Opt-Out of CT Paid Leave Contributions?

If you work for a covered employer in Connecticut, you are required to contribute 0.5% of your income up to the Social Security contribution limit. Individuals may not opt-out of CT Paid Leave. Employers may apply to CT Paid Leave to offer a private plan offering the same or better benefits as the CT Paid Leave public plan. 

Sole proprietors and self-employed individuals are not required to participate in CT Paid Leave, but they may opt-in if they choose. 

Frequently Asked Questions